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NEWS STORY : Robert Jenrick Resigns as Immigration Minister


Robert Jenrick has resigned as the Immigration Minister, saying that the emergency Rwanda legislation to deport immigrants doesn’t go far enough. In a letter to the Prime Minister, Jenrick wrote:

“In our discussions on the proposed emergency legislation you have moved towards my position, for which I am grateful. Nevertheless, I am unable to take the currently proposed legislation through the Commons as I do not believe it provides us with the best possible chance of success.”

He added:

“A Bill of the kind you are proposing is a triumph of hope over experience. The stakes for the country are too high for us not to pursue the stronger protections required to end the merry-go-round of legal challenges which risk paralysing the scheme and negating its intended deterrent.”

Pat McFadden, the Labour Party’s campaign spokesperson said:

“The British people deserve a government that will fix the issues that matter to working people, not a Tory circus of gimmicks and leadership posturing.”