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NEWS STORY : David Mundell Reveals David Cameron Did Not Consult Scottish Office about Appointment of Now Disgraced Michelle Mone to Lords


The Guardian newspaper has reported that David Mundell, the former Scottish Secretary, has said that David Cameron failed to notify the Scottish Office before the appointment of now disgraced Peer Michelle Mone to the House of Lords. Mone, who admitted in a BBC interview to lying to journalists, has been involved in a series of scandals and allegations about her personal conduct.

Mone responded on Twitter with a personal attack on a Guardian journalist, stating:

“David Conn is another journalist who has been totally obsessed with me for years. Today he wrote yet another spiteful attack about me & my life. He calls me the ‘Lucky Baroness’. Well, at least I’m lucky enough not to have to work for the Guardian for a living! I’d put it to him that I’ve achieved a lot more than he ever has – and probably ever will.”

Mone is yet to comment on the National Crime Agency freezing £75 million of her assets as a series of investigations are taking place into her conduct.


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