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NEWS STORY : Adrian Usher Appointed as the Prisons and Probation Ombudsman


Adrian Usher has been appointed as the new Prisons and Probation Ombudsman, a role he will hold for three years commencing on 24 April 2023. A spokesperson for the Ministry of Justice said:

“Mr Usher has recently retired from an extensive career as a Senior Police Officer for the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS), joining in 2003. He has previously served on both Counter-Terrorism and Anti-Corruption Commands and has been a Senior Investigating Officer in a variety of roles. He retired as Commander for Learning and Development in the MPS where he led the training requirements across policing operations including changing training to accommodate new legislation, law enforcement best practice and improving policing standards.”

Usher has previously been announced in January 2023 as the preferred candidate for the role and he will succeed Sue McAllister.


Ministry of Justice Press Release on the Appointment [March 2023]

Usher is Preferred Candidate Press Release [January 2023]


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