100 Years Ago

NEWS FROM 100 YEARS AGO : 7 February 1924


David Lloyd George, the former Prime Minister, in a statement published in a New York newspaper, alleges that the existence of a secret Wilson-Clemenceau pact with regard to the French occupation of the Rhineland. The French Foreign Office denied that there was any secret pact.

The body of ex-President Wilson was buried in the Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul at Washington, where great crowds gathered in the streets to pay a last tribute. By means of wireless apparatus, millions throughout America were able to follow the funeral service.

The Government’s housing policy was discussed at a conference at the Ministry of Labour, attended by representatives of the building trade employers and unions. The assurance was given that the trade would co-operate with the Government in the provision of houses, and it was announced that the employers and workers’ organisations would meet without delay to formulate definitive proposals.