100 Years Ago

NEWS FROM 100 YEARS AGO : 3 April 1923

3 APRIL 1923

Morgan Jones MP said at the Independent Labour Party conference that while British troops remained on the Rhine then French designs in the Ruhr would be prevented from reaching full fruition.

There were forcible demonstrations held by Aberdeen trawler fishermen against the landing of German caught fish, with the police being called to the scene to restore order.

The French took over a motor car factory and a railway station in the suburbs of Mannheim, raising fears in Germany that the occupying forces intended to take the city of Mannheim itself despite previous promises.

Mr Hilferding, the leader of the German socialists, said at an international conference that he agreed that the country needed to pay war reparations, but said that the German territory should be respected. Herbert Morrison, representing the UK Labour Party, said that the French occupation of the Ruhr Valley was in breach of the Versailles Treaty and he demanded them to withdraw.