100 Years Ago

NEWS FROM 100 YEARS AGO : 2 August 1923

2 AUGUST 1923

The Minister of Labour presented to the House of Commons the Government’s proposals to alleviate the problems of unemployment.

Lord Strathspey said in the House of Lords that the matter of seats in Parliament being given to British colonies had been rejected by the Dominions.

The Select Committee on Navy and Army Canteens issued their report in which they found the charges brought by Lord Wolmer and others that improper uses were made of the profits of Expeditionary Force canteens have not been substantiated.

It was reported in the media that President Warren Harding was past the worst of his illness, but that every effort would be made to prevent further complications. [The media reports transpired to be optimistic, as Harding died later on 2 August 1923].