Mark Prentice – 2020 Letter Accidentally Sent to EDP Newspaper

Below is the text of the internal letter sent via email by Mark Prentice, the Communications Manager of Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust, released by the EDP on 23 January 2020.

Just to let you know in advance of the Board meeting that there’s nothing in the EADT today (either in print or online) about eating disorders following Emily Townsend’s query yesterday. Perhaps she might attend the Board today and try to talk to someone about it then?

Also, we seem to have got away (again) with the Adult Safeguarding Review story. I used iPlayer to check Radio Norfolk between 4pm and 7pm last night, and it was not on there at all. I think we may have been saved by the death of Terry Jones.

However, it was the lead story (Nikki Fox) on BBC Look East last night at 6.30pm and again at 10.30pm (Leigh Milner!), but not on the lunchtime bulletin at all. Yet again, though, we emerged virtually unscathed. We weren’t named but our Nikki said something along the lines of “No agency involved in Doreen Livermore’s care emerged without criticism”.

Here’s a link to the BBC Online version (again, we are not named):

Thought you ought to know the above.

Mark Prentice
Communications Manager
Norfolk and Suffolk NHS FT