Madeleine Moon – 2016 Parliamentary Question to the Ministry of Defence

The below Parliamentary question was asked by Madeleine Moon on 2016-04-25.

To ask the Secretary of State for Defence, how much production work by (a) value and (b) numbers of jobs has been undertaken by employees in the UK on US administration defence contracts in each of the last five years.

Mr Philip Dunne

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) does not currently collate information on how much production or support work is undertaken in the UK or US on UK defence contracts, either by value or number of jobs. A comprehensive breakdown of which MOD contracts placed over the last five years are with UK or US suppliers is also not held centrally.

The MOD routinely publishes statistics on contracts it places on gov.uk at https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/defence-trade-and-industry-index. This includes an overall estimate of MOD expenditure for work undertaken in the UK and lists all organisations with which we have spent £5 million or more in the financial year. These statistics include expenditure with US companies.

The MOD does not collate information centrally on the value of production work undertaken in the UK on contracts placed by the US Department of Defense.