Lucy Powell – 2021 Comments on Supporting the Cultural Sector

The comments made by Lucy Powell, the Shadow Culture Secretary, on 22 December 2021.

Pantos and other cultural events at Christmas are great British traditions, that are now at risk as many productions and live events have seen a dramatic drop off in demand and many, many cancellations due to Covid.

The Government needs to take further action to support the sector before we see the demise of many of our treasured theatres and venues across the country and a nightmare before Christmas for freelancers and workers for whom this should be their boom time of the year.

Labour is calling for the Culture Recovery Fund eligibility criteria to be opened up so businesses and workers don’t fall through the cracks, and for the Government to review the Reinsurance Scheme which as designed is totally inadequate. Ministers have lost their grip, and it is theatres and workers across our towns and cities who are paying the price.