Lisa Nandy – 2021 Comments Ahead of G7 Meeting

The comments made by Lisa Nandy, the Shadow Foreign Secretary, on 23 August 2021.

This virtual G7 meeting is a make or break test of the Prime Minister’s ability to bring together international partners, rise to the occasion and show leadership.

The UK must step up and demand three crucial outcomes. First, that as many people as possible have safe passage out of Afghanistan by prioritising efforts to extend the air bridge out of Kabul beyond 31st August. Second, global agreement to deal with the unfolding refugee crisis by working with neighbouring countries to keep land borders open. And third, a strategy for supporting those who will be left behind.

The G7 must agree a joint strategy to safeguard our collective security and guarantee Afghanistan does not become a safe haven for terrorist organisations that pose a threat to the UK.

The Prime Minister has had eighteen months to plan for this – the world’s eyes are on tomorrow’s meeting to make the next seven days count.