Keir Starmer – 2022 Statement on the Resignation of Boris Johnson

The statement made by Keir Starmer, the Leader of the Opposition, on 7 July 2022.

It is good news for our country that Boris Johnson has resigned as Prime Minister.

But it should have happened long ago. He was always unfit for office. He has been responsible for lies, scandal and fraud on an industrial scale. And all those complicit should be utterly ashamed.

The Tory Party have inflicted chaos upon the country during the worst cost of living crisis in decades and they cannot now pretend they are the ones to sort it out.

They have been in power for over 12 years.

The damage they have done is profound. 12 years of economic stagnation, 12 years of declining public services, 12 years of empty promises.

Enough is enough.

We don’t need to change the Tory at the top – we need a proper change of Government.