John Stevenson – 2022 Statement Calling for the Resignation of Boris Johnson

The statement made by John Stevenson, the Conservative MP for Carlisle, on 31 May 2022.

I have been deeply disappointed in the revelations concerning the activities at No 10 as well as the approach taken by the Prime Minister in his responses to Parliament.

Recently I have called for the Prime Minister to put himself forward for a vote of confidence by Conservative MPs. This I believe is the only way we are to draw a line under all the recent issues surrounding the activities in No 10 and the leadership of the Prime Minister. Fellow MPs could then decide if the Prime Minister is the right person to continue to lead our country and take the Conservative Party into the next Election.

The continuing criticism, revelations and questions are debilitating for the Government at a time when there are so many other important and critical issues to be addressed.

Sadly, the Prime Minister appears unwilling to bring matters to a head and submit himself to a vote. Therefore, the only option is for the Conservative MPs to facilitate a vote of confidence. I have already taken the appropriate action.