Jeremy Lefroy – 2016 Parliamentary Question to the Ministry of Justice

The below Parliamentary question was asked by Jeremy Lefroy on 2016-06-08.

To ask the Secretary of State for Justice, how many fines of what total monetary value were written off by HM Courts Service in Staffordshire in each year since 2011-12.

Caroline Dinenage

Due to the limited management information that can be extracted from the Libra system it is not possible to identify how many financial impositions have been cancelled.

The table below shows the total value of financial impositions cancelled in Staffordshire in each of the year since 2010-11.


Total Value Legally Cancelled regardless of Imposition date

Total Value Admin Cancelled regardless of Imposition date
















Apr 2015 – Dec 2015



The data for January 2016 to March 2016 is not included as the data has not been published yet.

A legal cancellation can be applied when an imposition has been cancelled in court by a Judge or Magistrate, for example if an appeal is successful or if some of the original amount imposed is remitted after the offenders financial circumstances have been reconsidered.

Financial impositions are only administratively cancelled after all attempts to collect the amount outstanding have been made, and in accordance with a strict cancellation criteria. Any imposition which has been administratively cancelled still retains legal status and can be written back at any time if more information is found which will enable collection, for example if a new address for the offender is discovered. We periodically review administratively cancelled accounts.