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HISTORIC PRESS RELEASE : United Kingdom offers invitation for 2002 Commonwealth talks [September 1999]

The press release issued by HM Treasury on 24 September 1999.

Commonwealth finance ministers were today invited to the United Kingdom for their annual meeting in 2002 by Economic Secretary to the Treasury Melanie Johnson.

Speaking at the Commonwealth Finance Ministers Meeting (CFMM), Miss Johnson said:

“I am delighted to extend the United Kingdom’s invitation to host the 2002 Commonwealth Finance Ministers’ Meeting. I believe it is very fitting for the UK to host this important meeting in the same year as the celebration of the Queen’s Golden Jubilee and the Commonwealth Games being hosted by the city of Manchester.

“The Commonwealth Finance Ministers’ Meeting has a valuable role to play in the work of the Commonwealth and indeed, in the wider international community.

“It brings together decision makers from over 50 countries, developed and developing, from all regions of the world. And, it provides a unique forum for members large and small to exchange views and learn from each other on a wide range of issues of international importance.”

Commenting on the current meeting of Commonwealth Finance Ministers in the Cayman Islands, Miss Johnson continued:

“I am very pleased with the progress that has been made at this year’s conference, particularly on the issue of heavily indebted poor countries.

“I echo the Chancellor’s belief that this week is the most important week in the campaign for debt relief. Following his meeting with religious leaders on Monday, this meeting of the Commonwealth has taken the debate a step forward on the international stage at a very important time – on the eve of the G7 and World Bank Annual Meetings in Washington.”