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HISTORIC PRESS RELEASE : UK is a world leader on public private partnerships, says Geoffrey Robinson [February 1998]

The press release issued by HM Treasury on 24 February 1998.

The UK is leading the way in Europe and around the world in its partnership approach to using private finance capital and expertise in the provision of a wide range of public infrastructure services, Paymaster General Geoffrey Robinson said today.

Speaking to a Public Private Partnerships conference in London, Mr Robinson said that countries from Europe and from further afield such as Australia, Brazil, China, South Africa, Taiwan and United Arab Emirates were interested in what the UK government had achieved in developing public private partnerships.

Mr Robinson said:

“The British approach to gathering private and public sectors engaged in effective partnerships is the way forward into the next millennium. Many countries have already contacted the British government to share best practice and experience with contracts in areas as diverse as hospitals, schools, light rail schemes, IT systems and government accommodation.

“The Government’s success in developing its initiative is breeding success both at home and abroad.  The British model is being taken up by many governments around the world.  They realise that the newly invigorated PFI is bearing fruit and want to learn from our experiences.

“The development of PFI and PPPs abroad is providing an enormous additional market for those British companies already familiar with, and well versed with the concept.”