Press Releases

HISTORIC PRESS RELEASE : Treasury Taskforce Seeks Partnership for PFI Training [December 1997]

The press release issued by HM Treasury on 10 December 1997.

Private sector bidders are being invited to provide in-depth training in Private Finance Initiative (PFI) project management, project finance and negotiating skills for civil servants, Paymaster General Geoffrey Robinson announced today.

In the the third Public/Private Partnership (PPP) of its own, the Treasury’s Private Finance Taskforce is seeking tenders for a partner to re-focus Civil Service training and help create PFI experts in the public sector.

Commenting on the announcement, made in response to a recommendation of the Bates Review of PFI, Mr Robinson said :

“In the past, a good job has been done training civil servants in the basics of PFI. But it is essential that Government Departments build on that to train and create their own specialists to ensure the best performance and value for money from PFI projects.

“With a growing number of PFI projects signed or close to signature, Departments are keen to benefit from training events delivered by PFI practitioners with real and extensive experience in the field. The Treasury Taskforce has worked together with other Departments to identify specific training requirements, which we are now seeking a partner to help deliver.

This is a welcome step forward which will help to ensure that high quality PFI projects are delivered efficiently and effectively.”