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HISTORIC PRESS RELEASE : Publication of the Child Benefit Bill [December 2004]

The press release issued by HM Treasury on 13 December 2004.

The Government will for the first time pay Child Benefit to the families of 16-19 year olds in unwaged work-based learning and 19 year olds completing a course of education or training, thanks to measures set out in the Child Benefit Bill published today.

Supporting young people to achieve, published alongside Budget 2004, set out a package of short-term measures and a long-term vision to improve financial support for 16-19s, to ensure that all young people can stay on in education or training after 16.

The Bill, which is the first Child Benefit Bill since 1975, is an important step towards implementing these proposals.

The measures have been developed in consultation with voluntary sector youth organisations, learning providers and businesses.

Commenting on the Bill, the Paymaster General Dawn Primarolo said: m“We want to see all young people reach the age of 19 ready for higher education or skilled employment.  This is essential to increase individual opportunity and build a flexible, productive and high skilled economy.

“The successful national roll out of the Education Maintenance Allowance has demonstrated the importance of financial support and incentives in delivering higher post-16 staying on rates.  Building on this success, the Child Benefit Bill will support young people’s choices between education and work-based learning, and ensure that young people are supported until they finish their course.”