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HISTORIC PRESS RELEASE : Public Services Reform: Making a real difference – More cross departmental studies in 2000 Spending Review [November 1999]

The press release issued by HM Treasury on 24 November 1999.

The Government has decided to increase from 6 to 13 the number of cross Departmental spending studies in the forthcoming 2000 Spending Review, the Chief Secretary Andrew Smith announced today. This follows clear evidence that cross Departmental work is making a real difference, allowing service providers to find new and better ways of responding to the needs of local people.

Andrew Smith commented:

“We want to see a step change in the quality of public services. We have shown our commitment already with extra resources for key areas like Health and Education, but we want to go further in ensuring that policies and services are designed and delivered in a more integrated, flexible and customer-centred way. The cross Departmental work in the original Comprehensive Spending Review has proved to be a success. We want to build on this in next year’s Review to ensure a more coherent approach to the delivery of services . I am grateful to Departments for the innovative and practical way they have responded to this initiative.”

The proposed new cross Departmental studies will cover:

  • rural and countryside programmes
  • young people at risk
  • crime reduction
  • support for older people
  • drugs
  • Government intervention in deprived areas
  • science and research
  • Welfare to Work and ONE
  • the criminal justice system
  • Sure Start and services for the under 5s
  • conflict prevention
  • nuclear safety in the former Soviet Union
  • Local Government finance

The Government is determined to ensure that public spending is directed to delivering high quality public services. This means:

  • raising the standards of front line service delivery
    focussing on outcomes – what counts is what works
  • accountability for performance
  • effective teamwork to achieve shared goals