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HISTORIC PRESS RELEASE : A Healthy Export Sector is Vital Says Geoffrey Robinson [November 1997]

The press release issued by HM Treasury on 3 November 1997.

British exporters must persevere and keep their presence in the markets if they are to compete successfully in the European market place, Paymaster General Geoffrey Robinson said today.

Speaking to the British Exporters Association’s annual conference in London,  Geoffrey Robinson paid tribute to the resilience of British exporters.

“A healthy export sector is vital to the success of the British economy.

“Our aim is to help British exporters. We want to remove barriers to growth and strengthen the economy’s wealth creating base. This means putting in place policies that will promote competition, promote long term investment and reduce unnecessary burdens on business.”

Commenting on the rise in sterling he said:

“The pound has fallen back somewhat since the summer and export markets in Europe are beginning to pick up.

“Latest news from the October CIPS survey shows export orders may once again be on the rise.

“But we must reckon with a continuing tough period in our export markets.

“Exporters have shown great resilience in holding up their share of export markets.  It has not been easy. I sympathise and I urge you to hang in there.”