Greg Mulholland – 2016 Parliamentary Question to the Department for Work and Pensions

The below Parliamentary question was asked by Greg Mulholland on 2016-01-14.

To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, in what circumstances claimants of personal independence payment may be asked to attend reassessments at an earlier date than initially expected.

Justin Tomlinson

Benefit is always awarded on the basis that the level of need at the start of the award will continue at the same level throughout the period of the award. In most cases the length of award is based on an intervention date decided by the decision maker, and informed by a healthcare professional.

Where a claimant’s circumstances change or doubt arises as to the correctness of the award, the claimant or the department can instigate a review of that award before the planned end date. Where this happens the claimant may be asked to attend a face to face consultation with a Health Professional.