Diana Johnson – 2014 Parliamentary Question to the Ministry of Justice

The below Parliamentary question was asked by Diana Johnson on 2014-03-26.

To ask the Secretary of State for Justice, how many people have been convicted of an offence contrary to section 72 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003, where the offence committed corresponds to an offence which would lead to automatic inclusion in the adults’ barred list, with the right to make representations, under the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006, in each of the last four years.

Damian Green

Information held centrally by the Ministry of Justice on the Court Proceedings Database does not include the circumstances behind each case beyond the description provided in the statute. It is not possible to separately identify findings of guilt for sexual offences committed outside England and Wales from those committed within England and Wales. This information could only be obtained from the individual courts at disproportionate cost.