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Department for International Development – 2019 Press Release on the UK’s First Voluntary National Review of Progress Towards the Sustainable Development Goals

Below is a press release issued by the Department for International Development on 22/07/2019.

We are inviting people and organisations to share their views on the UK’s Voluntary National Review process and gather ideas on future stakeholder engagement.

The UK’s first Voluntary National Review (VNR) of progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (Global Goals) was released in the UK on 26 June and presented to the UN High Level Political Forum in New York on 16 July.

As it was the first time that the UK conducted a VNR, it has been an opportunity to reflect on progress, learn lessons and set out next steps, as we progress towards 2030.

The Department for International Development is conducting review activities to identify key strengths, challenges and lessons to be learnt from the VNR process and gather ideas on future stakeholder engagement. This survey focuses on the stakeholder engagement that was carried out as part of the VNR, including how and who we should engage in the future. Your input will help us identify clear next steps to further support the UK’s delivery of the Goals.

The Sustainable Development Goals are for everybody and we want to gather views from any group, organisation, or individual about the VNR process.