Angela Rayner – 2024 Comments on Politicians Not Being the Same

Part of the article in the Guardian newspaper written by Angela Rayner and published on 3 July 2024.

Travelling the length and breadth of Britain these past few weeks, I’ve seen potential in every conversation with voters. There is no doubt it’s a tall order to reverse Tory decline and restore optimism. But if you vote Labour tomorrow, change will begin immediately. We’ll start work on day one to enact our first steps – downpayments, if you like – for a better, brighter future. These will be fully funded and fully costed, as you would expect, to deliver the groundwork of a mission-driven Labour government.

I know first-hand the transformative difference Labour in power can make. It was a secure home, decent work and a strong community under the last Labour government that changed my life when I was a young mum struggling to make ends meet.

For too many people in Britain, those foundations of a good life feel as if they’re crumbling today. A generation looks to the future with worry rather than in hope. The dream of a safe, secure and affordable home is further out of reach. More people find themselves in insecure work and dragged into a race to the bottom. Families in every corner of the country are feeling worse off and forgotten.

Labour understands the importance of having a secure home, decent work and putting power in people’s hands. With Keir Starmer at the helm, we’re ready to meet this moment. Our plan for secure homes will end the housing emergency created by the Tories, getting Britain building, with 1.5m homes over five years and delivering the biggest boost to affordable, social and council housing in decades.

We will back first-time buyers, giving them “first dibs” on new developments, and a comprehensive mortgage guarantee scheme for those without access to the bank of mum and dad. And we will take action to protect renters, with an immediate ban on no-fault evictions, an end to rental bidding wars, and extended protections against damp, mould and cold. A Labour government will get back on track towards ending homelessness, by addressing its root causes.