Andrew Gwynne – 2015 Parliamentary Question to the Department for Energy and Climate Change

The below Parliamentary question was asked by Andrew Gwynne on 2015-10-23.

To ask the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, how much was paid in (a) year end and (b) in-year bonuses to officials of her Department in each of the last three years.

Andrea Leadsom

The Department uses performance related pay to help drive high performance and to recognise exceptional contributions and achievements over and above what is expected of people in fulfilling their employment contracts.

These payments, which are in-line with HMT Pay Guidance, are cost effective as they are not consolidated into basic pay and have to be re-earned every year.

Since 2010-11 the Government has restricted awards for senior civil servants to the top 25% of performers.

In-year performance related awards are used to recognise and incentivise corporate behaviours and values which might not be fully reflected in annual performance appraisal reports. These are also used to reward staff for exceptional pieces of work or for taking on additional responsibilities.

End-year non-consolidated performance awards are used to reward the department’s highest performers as assessed in their end of year appraisal reports.

A breakdown of the In-Year and the End-Year awards is given in the table below:

Table 1

Financial Year

In-Year Performance Awards

End-Year Performance Awards