Rachel Reeves – 2020 Comments on NAO Investigation into Government Procurement

The comments made by Rachel Reeves, the Shadow Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, on 18 November 2020.

This report confirms that this Tory government’s approach to procurement has fallen far short of what this country deserves. Lessons must be learned.

The National Audit Office has shown how, at best, this incompetent government can’t even get basic paperwork right.

At worst, that the government may be deliberately attempting to cover their tracks, avoid scrutiny or withhold information from the public while wasting taxpayer money.

From paying for useless PPE to a maintaining Serco’s failed contract tracing system, we have seen disastrous decisions which have squandered public money and held back our country’s response to Covid-19.

The country deserves to have confidence their money is being spent effectively by the government – and to know without doubt that friends and donors to the Conservative party aren’t profiting from this pandemic.