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PRESS RELEASE : “Labour not bothered about housing crisis,” as building numbers fall [December 2022]

The press release issued by the Welsh Conservatives on 19 December 2022.

The Welsh Conservatives have accused the Labour Government in Cardiff Bay of being complacent about the housing crisis as the housebuilding numbers fall.

According to new statistics, 1,300 new dwellings were started during July to September 2022, 25% less than the same quarter of 2019, the last one unaffected by coronavirus restrictions.

1,339 new dwellings were completed this quarter (July to September 2022), 4% lower than the same quarter of 2019 and 16% lower than the previous quarter, during April to June 2022.

Commenting, the Welsh Conservative shadow ministers with responsibility for housing, Janet Finch-Saunders MS, said:

“It is so frustrating to see these figures because it just goes to show that the Labour Government and their cooperation comrades in Plaid Cymru are not bothered about the housing crisis.

“Instead, we get scapegoating of second homeowners and demonisation of small tourism businesses – which include farmers who were told to diversify – who are whacked with punitive taxes and overbearing regulations to make up for Labour’s own failures after 23 years in office.

“I always find it bizarre during these debates on housing that Labour and Plaid always ask what we would do instead and are dumbfounded when we say supply should meet demand, so let us build more houses.

“As it stands, Labour and Plaid are only building half the homes Wales needs each year, giving so many of our younger generations no option but to leave their communities”.