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PRESS RELEASE : Joint statement by contributors to the International Fund for Ukraine [October 2023]

The press release issued by the Ministry of Defence on 12 October 2023.

The International Fund for Ukraine has announced a package worth over £100 million for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The International Fund for Ukraine has today announced a package worth over £100 million for the Armed Forces of Ukraine to provide maintenance and manoeuvre support. In recent weeks, the Ukrainians have made steady process against formidably defended Russian positions.  They are showing that Ukraine has the capability to defeat the Russian invasion if we continue to provide it with the equipment to do so. This package of critical capabilities will support vehicle rehabilitation and battlefield manoeuvre.

The package includes tracks and engines for Armoured Fighting Vehicles; temporary bridges, and heavy equipment transporters for moving Main Battle Tanks; minefield breaching capabilities and portable mine clearance equipment to enable soldiers on foot to cross sections of mine fields and plant equipment for clearing obstacles such as anti-tank ditches.

We are also delighted to announce that all capabilities from the Air Defence Package announced in June are now on contract. The first systems will be delivered by the end of the year and will bolster Ukraine’s ability to protect its critical national infrastructure over the winter months.

The announcement was made today at a meeting of Defence Ministers at the Ukraine Defence Contact Group and has been funded by contributions from the UK, Norway, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Lithuania, and Iceland.