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NEWS STORY : Conservative Cabinet Minister Mel Stride Suggests Labour Will Win the General Election


Mel Stride, the Work and Pensions Secretary, has said on BBC 4 Today’s Programme that he accepts Labour are likely to win the General Election. Stride said in the interview:

“I totally accept that, where the polls are at the moment, means that tomorrow is likely to see the largest Labour landslide majority, the largest majority that this country has ever seen. Much bigger than 1997, bigger even than the National Government in 1931. What, therefore, matters now is what kind of opposition do we have, what kind of ability to scrutinise Government is there within Parliament.”

The National Government won with 554 of 615 seats, with Stride being accused of potentially misleading the electorate with an attempt to create fear of a large Labour Government. Boris Johnson, the former Prime Minister, gave a speech yesterday at a rally in support of Rishi Sunak. Keir Starmer, the Leader of the Opposition, said in response:

“I’ve been arguing that the last 14 years have bene about chaos and division – and last night, they wheeled out the architect of chaos and division.”