Marvin Rees – 2022 Comments on Bristol Returning to Committee System

The comments made by Marvin Rees, the Mayor of Bristol, on 6 May 2022 after the city voted to scrap the mayoral system and return to a committee system.

Despite real concerns, I hope the committee system can deliver for our city – continuing our administration’s momentum building a better Bristol in the face of enormous challenges, not least the national cost-of-living crisis, global migration crisis, and the climate and ecological emergencies.

We’ll keep working hard over the next two years to keep delivering for Bristol. 2024 will see different council governance, but will also see a further transformed city: our arena the Bristol Beacon open; over £400 million of clean energy investment rolling out; completing the largest council house building project in a generation; bringing more jobs like Channel 4 to Bristol; and building even more new affordable homes for Bristolians.