Edward Timpson – 2022 Comments on the Resignation of Liz Truss

The comments made by Edward Timpson, the Conservative MP for Eddisbury, on Twitter on 20 October 2022.

I am genuinely sorry for the instability and concern caused by the question of the Conservative Party leadership in recent months.

As an MP for a constituency such as Eddisbury, which has so much to offer to—and so much to gain from—a good government, I have also found this deeply frustrating, including as one of Her Late Majesty’s law officers during that interim period.

I am pleased that Liz Truss has recognised this uncertainty cannot continue.

I am grateful that a new Prime Minister will take office so quickly, with the aim of rectifying the economic and cost-of-living challenges the last several weeks have highlighted to the British people and markets.

Periods of flux can also be opportunities for Members of Parliament to make their case for their constituencies even more strongly.

Cheshire residents can be assured that I will be doing so on crucial issues including broadband rollout, healthcare, bus connections and agriculture that I promised them I would advance in 2019.

Whatever the Westminster maelstrom, I have always kept my head down, and those who elected me uppermost in my thoughts. That will not be changing.