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NEWS STORY : Guardian Newspaper Publishes Fresh Serious Allegations About Disgraced Michelle Mone


The Guardian newspaper has published a serious allegation that “Michelle Mone assured the government that she was not entitled to “any financial benefit whatsoever” from a PPE company, five months before £29m of its profits were transferred into a trust for her benefit”. The disgraced Mone, who has admitted to lying and threatening journalists, is alleged to have e-mailed the Cabinet Office stating:

“In relation to PPE Medpro Limited, I can confirm that I have no conflicts whatsoever in helping the company to achieve orders through the NHS.

I am neither a shareholder of the company nor am I entitled to any financial remuneration or financial benefit whatsoever. You can put this on the record.

My role is to help the NHS deliver on its PPE targets and to ultimately save lives of patients, medical workers and carers.”

Mone is yet to comment on the latest allegations. The Government has said that due to ongoing legal action it can’t comment on the latest allegations.


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