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NEWS STORY : Dale Houghton Admits Public Order Offence Over Mocking Bradley Lowery


Dale Houghton, a 31 year old football ‘supporter’, has admitted a public order offence at Sheffield magistrates court after he mocked Bradley Lowery, a boy who died at the age of 6. James Gould, the District Judge, said that Houghton’s mocking of the late Lowery was “utterly deplorable” and he said that prison remained an option. Houghton, who was immediately condemned by Sheffield Wednesday and Sunderland football clubs, was bailed and will be sentenced on 17 November. Police confirmed that they have applied for a football banning order for Dale Houghton.

Gemma Lowery, the mother of Bradley, said in a statement:

“Understandably people are angry, if I wasn’t so upset I’d be angry too. Bradley was and still is well loved in the football community, which I’m eternally grateful for, but I must ask that everyone lets the police do their job.”