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NEWS STORY : Boris Johnson Admits Lying to Parliament But Claims it was Accidental


Boris Johnson, the former Prime Minister, has presented a 52 page bundle of evidence to the Privileges Committee which are investigating whether he knowingly lied to Parliament. Johnson has said that he was not guilty of deliberate misinformation and rule-breaking and lied to Parliament by accident rather than by design. The former Prime Minister will this week face the Privileges Committee to answer questions about his level of knowledge of parties which were being held at 10 Downing Street.

The committee will also investigate an allegation that Johnson was slow to correct the record and whether he should have been aware of the parties that were taking place at 10 Downing Street given that he lived at the property. The committee will issue a report which will conclude whether they believe he was guilty of contempt of Parliament, with a range of possible sanctions available including a recommendation that he be suspended from the House of Commons.


Boris Johnson – Evidence to Privileges Committee


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