Jonathan Rockey – 2022 Comments on Male Pupils Wearing Skirts

The comments made on 27 June 2022 by Jonathan Rockey, the Headteacher of Wymondham High School Academy in Norfolk, following the confirmation that boys would not be allowed to wear shorts, but could wear skirts.

We had a huge response to the questions and that was much appreciated. Like any consultation, there will be differing views and the academy and governors always consider these. We take all feedback seriously.

Many parents were supportive of us considering a ‘summer uniform’, which we will consider for 2023-24. In the short term, we have enabled pupils to remove their blazers during hot weather.

Changing everything about our uniform in one go, especially with the current financial concerns, would not be sensible so we are able to stage changes over a period of time.

We will, from September, have a gender neutral dress code across the Academy, which is something we are very proud of.