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HISTORIC PRESS RELEASE : Financial Secretary Dawn Primarolo urges Charities to use their voices [October 1997]

The press release issued by HM Treasury on 30 October 1997.

Financial Secretary Dawn Primarolo today called on charities to offer their ideas, from the largest and most radical to the smallest and most detailed, to the current Government review into the way they are taxed.

Speaking to the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) annual conference in London, Ms Primarolo encouraged delegates to make their voices heard before 1 December and influence their future.

“This review is a unique opportunity for Government and charities to work together and take a fresh look at the way charities are taxed. Instigated by the Government in response to complexities with the existing system, the review aims to find a clearer and simpler path to fair tax treatment.

“All suggestions are welcome, not only the creative and radical, but also smaller scale suggestions aimed at making the existing system work better. The responses we have had already range from letters from pensioners who work in their local charity shop concerning VAT zero rating, to detailed discussions and analysis of taxation from charity pressure groups.

“The review will enable charities to influence their own future to produce a more coherent and consistent tax system. I urge all charities to make their voices heard.”