Ellie Reeves – 2021 Comments on Government’s Rape Review

The comments made by Ellie Reeves, the Shadow Solicitor General, on 25 May 2021.

We have been waiting over two years now for the Government’s rape review, and again the date of publication has been kicked into the long grass.

No more pilots no more consultations, we need action, we need a plan.

Labour has one – what we’d do has been set out in our Survivors Support Plan and in our Green Paper for ending violence against women and girls. And I urge the minister today to commit to a date for publishing the rape review.

Labour has also called for the Government to make a commitment to supporting Labour’s Green Paper on ending violence against women and girls, which included measures for rolling out indicators of progress – alongside annual reports – to ensure the Government makes tackling violence against women and girls a priority across every department.