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NEWS STORY : Nigel Farage Becomes Leader of Reform and Announces He Will Stand in Clacton Constituency


Nigel Farage has been confirmed as the new leader of Reform, replacing Richard Tice with immediate effect, just days after confirming that he wouldn’t stand in the General Election. Farage has also been confirmed as the candidate for Reform in the Clacton constituency. Farage said at a press conference that “we’re in economic decline in relative terms. Oh, sure. We’re doing better than our former partners in the European Union. But we’re massively behind America and many other parts of the world. We’re in social decline. And we’re actually in a form of moral decline. We’ve forgotten who we are as a country.”

Richard Tice said that:

“We can go from fifth gear, through to sixth gear – this is a fossil-fueled car by the way – to seventh gear. But what about eighth gear?”

Candidates now announced in the Clacton constituency include:

Matthew Bensilum, Liberal Democrats
Nigel Farage, Reform UK
Natasha Osben, Green Party
Jovan Owusu-Nepaul, Labour Party
Giles Watling, Conservative Party


Clacton Constituency