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Blog Highlights

We check around 50 blogs regularly, and link here to any blog entries of note or which are of general interest. We do not necessarily agree with the contents of any blog entries which we link to, they are just examples of entries which we feel might be of general interest or cause for debate.

If you see any blog entries which you think might be of particular interest to readers of this site, please email us. Also use this e-mail address if you know of a blog which we might not have previously been aware of.

A list of all the blogs we are aware of is in our links category, accessible from the main page.

September 2012

12th September 2012

Martin Rosenbaum - FOI and Personal Emails

August 2012

28th August 2012

Labour List - The People in the Labour Party Who Need to Shut Up

27th August 2012

Conservative Home - Louise Mensch was Wrong to Back the Sun Against Prince Harry

24th August 2012

Spectator - Farage Eyes Working Class Vote

20th August 2012

Dale & Co - Et Tu Boris

July 2012

29th July 2012

Independent - Aiden Burley and Why Bigotry Should be Tackled Head-On

23rd July 2012

Order Order - Why Tim Yeo is Upset About Green Cuts

21st July 2012

Conservative Home - The 143 Tory MPs Who Have Rebelled Against the Government

Older links are available on the old blog links page.

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